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Pastor Hany Abdelmasih
Meet the Senior Pastor of Alliston Alliance Church.
Rev Hany Abdelmasih became the Senior Pastor of Alliston Alliance Church in December 2012 after serving as a pastor in London, UK for the last ten years.
Hany has an interesting journey of following God wherever He is calling him. As an Egyptian, growing up amidst persecution in one of Egypt’s hardest towns for Christians, he learned that to live for Jesus is to give it all. After serving God for seven years as a lay leader in his local church the Lord moved him to London, UK for a journey of learning English, being trained as a pastor and ordained to serve with the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
The Lord has given Hany a very diverse upbringing: having been born to a Coptic father and a Pentecostal mother, he attended a Catholic school and served as an altar boy. His journey with God started when he gave his life to the Lord in the Sunday school of a Pentecostal church when he was eight years old, but his discipleship journey started when He committed his life to live for God’s purposes at the age of seventeen.
During his 17 years in the UK, Hany completed a Diploma in Theology (Pastoral Studies) from Spurgeon’s College (2004) and an Honours Degree in Theology from the Open Theological College (2008). And he is currently working on a Masters Course in Applied Theology through Spurgeon’s College.
Hany’s ministry experience has been enriched not just by moving across cultures but also by serving as a pastor in a very diverse city like London, UK since 2001 among more than twenty five nationalities in different churches. London was also the meeting place for him and his Dutch wife Judith and the birth place of their two children: Christopher (2006) & Timothy (2009).
Hany has a passion for making disciples of Jesus and sees this as the one and only mission for the Church. Evangelism, pastoral care and Bible study and any other church activity should all serve that one goal of making disciples who love Jesus and are passionate about making disciples too.
E-mail Pastor Hany at pastorhany@allistonalliance.org